Nursing Triage
Communication Skills
Emergency Department
Nursing Communication


Effective communication is essential in nursing triage to provide effective and immediate interventions in the emergency departments. This paper scrutinizes the role of effective communication in nursing triage. Triage is generally defined as prioritizing or sorting the patients for the care and treatment that is due to shortage of the necessary resources in the Emergency Department. The role of the triage nurses is to evaluate patients’ critical symptoms and collect information about their medical history and presents reasons for visiting the emergency care. Based on the information that they collect, triage nurses make informed decision about the urgency needs. It is from the decision that the triage nurse makes about the urgency of a patient that then the emergency department staff to develop an order. Based on all these, it is evident that effective communication is key in the triage department. Nonetheless, for proper decision making, there has to be effective communication. Hence, the triage nurses must have ability to make quick and informed decision, as well as high level of listening skills to execute their roles effectively. This investigation concludes that the quality of communication between triage nurses and patients has a strong influence on patient outcomes.

Keywords: Nursing Triage, Communication Skills, Emergency Department, Nursing Communication.

Cite as: Al-Johani, A. N., Aloufi, A. H., Z.Mariwa, R. & Al-Omari, A. A. (2019). The effective communication in nursing triage. Trends in Social Sciences, 1(3), 1-6.