Global issues
global education
global competence
English language teaching (ELT)


Global issues are considered to be an up-to-date branch in the field of language teaching. By integrating global issues in classroom instruction, students will be exposed to a global perspective. Basically, global education is imperative to the development of skills, knowledge, and attitudes of students who need to recognize a lot of things around them through the global education approach while studying English in classrooms. This paper reviewed the importance of integrating education which focuses on global issues and problems into ELT as a means of guiding students to have knowledge about world issues and becoming responsible world citizens. The literature reveals that most academic programmes nowadays include global education which is regarded as an important feature of their official curriculum. Additionally, teachers' education about environmental problems should be improved to increase students' awareness and knowledge about local and global environmental issues. Due to the importance of teaching global issues, it is recommended that foreign-language instructors integrate global issues and global education into their teaching in a variety of ways.