writing skill
emotion-based game
technology enhanced learning
teaching aid
learning tool


This paper is part of a larger study which aims to develop an effective teaching aid for English language writing class. In ensuring that the proposed teaching aid meets the needs of the educators and learners, we interviewed 18 school teachers and 15 educators of higher learning institution for them to conceptualise the characteristics of a useful teaching aid for developing their students’ writing skills. The participants were interviewed in groups of three, thus six group interviews with the school teachers and five group interviews with the lecturers were conducted. The participants were selected based on purposive sampling where they were chosen because they are educators who have experiences in using technologyenhanced teaching aids in their classroom. Thematic analysis of the data reveals that there are three main characteristics of an effective online application for writing as perceived by the participants: i) providing creativity-stimulating scaffolds; ii) giving autonomy to students in creating personalised writing; iii) providing feedback and comments for learners to reflect on. These characteristics have been fully considered in creating a smart application named Colla-Tale. It is hoped that the findings discussed in this paper will guide other researchers and innovators in designing effective teaching aids, especially for developing English language writing skill. 

Keywords: English, writing skill, emotion-based game, technology enhanced learning, teaching aid, learning tool.

Cite as: Yusof, U.H., Rahman, M.F.A., Ibrahim, Z., Wan Syukriah, W.M. (2019). Educators’ conceptualization of smart emotion-based game. Journal of Qualitative Social Sciences, 1(2), 30-35